Blascom Engineering was founded in 2013 and provides geotechnical design engineering, structural assesments, and special inspections for various private and public sector clients throughout South Florida. Blascom also provides construction materials testing (soils, aggregates, concrete, masonry, asphalt), as well as destructive and non-destructive testing.                     


Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering that analyzes the engineering behavior of earth materials (soil, rock, and groundwater). Geotechnical engineering uses principles of soil and rock mechanics to analyze the subsurface conditions under the proposed structural loading and to provide foundation recommendations. Also, geotechnical engineering investigates subsurface conditions such as slope stability/landslides, soil erosion, and earthquakes. Blascom’s geotechnical experience includes:

  • Shallow and deep foundation design
  • Roadway and pavement condition evaluations
  • Geosynthetics
  • Drainage
  • Earth retaining/seawall/bulkhead systems
  • Reinforced slopes
  • Slope stability
  • Ground improvements


Our engineering team is specialized in geotechnical finite element modeling using PLAXIS 3D to produce accurate geotechnical analyses and efficient foundation designs. Some finite element modeling capabilities are:

  • 3D analysis of deformation and stability of soil/rock and soil-structure interaction
  • Complex geotechnical modeling
  • Staged construction for realistic simulation of construction and excavation
  • Dynamic analysis(vibrations/earthquake)
  • Rapid drawdown analysis
  • Consolidation analysis
  • Bored tunnel modeling


Construction  services consist of materials testing and structural inspections to ensure that the project is performed in accordance with approved/permitted plans and specifications. Our laboratory facility is accredited by the Construction Materials Engineering Council (CMEC). 



We provide the followng construction services:

  • Earthwork and concrete testing (field and laboratory)
  • Structural special inspections
  • Structural assessments
  • Welding inspections - AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)
  • 40-year building recertification (Miami-Dade and Broward counties)
  • Project management


Forensic civil engineering is the investigation and determination of the causes of structural failures of buildings, bridges, pavements, and other constructed facilities, as well as providing professional advice and giving testimony in judicial proceedings.





Our services include:

  • Site inspections and site testing
  • Documentation reviews
  • Witness interviews
  • Written forensic reports
  • Technical consultations
  • Litigation support
  • Expert witness testimony
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